Mortgage Client Case Studies

Our goal is to help people from the Nanaimo and Vancouver Island area with getting the mortgage they can afford as well as helping people consolidate their debt. Below you will find just a few real world case studies that show how we have helped past clients when they thought there was no hope.


Case #1 - Debt Consolidation

  • Carla had been trying to refinance for years
  • She had a first mortgage at a great interest rate, but had a second mortgage at 12% that she’d had for numerous years.
  • She had tried several different companies to help her out but to no avail.
  • We were able to assist her by consolidating her debt at a 5 year fixed rate of 2.79%, thereby reducing her monthly payments by over $700 per month.
  • As Carla was in her early 50’s, she thought the only way out was to sell
  • because of our help we have one very happy client

Case #2 - Saving the deal to get our client the mortgage she deserved

  • Marilyn was an older client who was working with a broker and had to get 2 extensions during the mortgage process. The previous broker was negligent in their choice of lenders, and unfortunately could not close the deal.
  • The realtor, who believes we can do miracles, begged her to give us a try.
  • We managed to resurrect the deal and get her a better rate in the end.
  • The client was ecstatic.

Case #3 - Building Credit, Paying Off Debt and Getting into a New Home

  • We met Tammy who approached us with the hopes to buy a home. Her and her husband had written an offer on a home but after an hours’ consultation, it became clear that the clients were not ready to proceed just yet.
  • They had over $60,000 in personal debt, which clearly had to go before they considered buying a home.
  • We worked with Tammy and her husband for over a year to help them build up their credit and pay off their debts.
  • They were able to purchase a home, and now are financially stable and no longer use credit as an extension of their income.


So if you think there is no possible way you can get a mortgage or if you are buried in debt please contact us as we would love to try and help you out.

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